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Welcome to Pencil Portraits Online, where you can view the art galleries & buy Art Prints of various celebrities and animals.

 The Site contains prints taken from my original pencil portrait drawings. So far I have drawn P!nk (aka Alecia Moore), Katy Perry, Adele, Fergie, Cheryl Cole, Anastacia, Kelly Clarkson, Pamela Anderson & Daniel O’Donnell with more to be added in the future.

Prints can be easily purchased through my website & postage is Free.

My art work can also be purchased on various pod site's (print on demand), links can be found here.

I have introduced a original art shop, where you can buy a selection of my original work. To purchase from my original art work, pop along to the Original Art Shop, check out my prices, if you find anything that catches your eye, email me for payments options.

Pencil Portraits by Mandy Dawn Boss

I'm still learning new techniques all the time, one of my goals is to introduce colour to my portraits, I’m getting ready to start having a play with pastel pencils. I have already started to dabble with doing some animals in coloured pencils.

I have also started to introduce animal portraits too my portfolio.

An A5 drawing takes me around 7-15 hours, A4 drawings tends to take me between 15-20 hours & A3 takes me between 20-35 hours, spread over a few weeks. .

Enjoy browsing my web site, I hope you like what you see, your support is very much appreciated.

Keep a look out for new artwork, please feel free to bookmark the site and visit again.

You can also find time lapses of some of my drawings on my youtube channel, please take a look, if you like what you see, like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

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Looking Forward

I originally got into art by accident, as a kid I had no artistic talent, I still remember one of my early high school teacher's making a comment on how bad my history battle field sketch was.

At the stage of having to choose my GCSE’s, I choose all subjects that were academic, but was told I needed to pick a creative subject too.

Music was a definite no no, I am completely tone deaf.

Drama was a even bigger no no, I was a very quiet shy person at school, school was not a happy place for me.

So art it was. The first year of GCSE was wasted just drawing cartoon characters and just not taking any interest in the subject at all.

Then came year 2 of GCSE, I had a new teacher, he opened my eyes to what art could be about, and I was encouraged to try lots of new styles and media's.

To my surprise I found I actually enjoyed art and over the year got to be OK at creating art pieces, that I passed my art GCSE with my best grade, A.

I decided to continue studying Art at A' level, my art teacher from GCSE was also the A level teacher, with his help I continued to improve and found areas of art that I preferred, at this point I was enjoying using acrylic paints, and experimenting with colour in the style of Franz Marc. I also liked the impressionist artist Paul Cezanne.

On finishing A levels I dipped in and out of my art as and when life allowed.

I started drawing again in 2009 after realising I taken a 10 year break, I quickly found that I had a passion for doing pencil portraits. My style evolved over a few years.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up taking another long break from my art, almost 7 years.

My brother asked me to do a portrait of his daughter in the sleeping baby pose to match the ones I did of his older sons. This was the motivation I needed to get back to drawing.

Female Celeb's in Pencil

About Me the Artist